Magazine Final

Here she is, complete in her glory and stuff. Turned out pretty well. As always, printing was a pain. Wish we could just project these blasted things up on a screen for the critique, but that's life. The changes made it look better, though there are still probably a few things I could redo. I like it though and am satisfied with the final product. It's viewable here.

Magazine Printout

Here is the nearly final version of the magazine. There are still a few small tweaks and changes to be made, but it is nearly complete. Finally. Can't wait to have this one done. It has had its moments, but for the most part, I don't think I'll ever work with magazines. To see this version, click here.

Magainze Rough

Here is the initial computized rendition of my magazine. It's quite rough and there will be a lot of changes to be made. Most of it was just getting things in position and then seeing what needed to be done to make it look alright afterward. The usual. To see the PDF, click here.

Magazine Sketches

The third and final project is a magazine. YAAAY. So here are the initial sketches as well as ones that followed (mostly done in other classes while I was bored out of my mind).

I've already picked the article which is How Socialized Health Care Works in Canada ( by Chris Bucholz, writer at It is a glorious article that will make you learn, laugh, and cry, and stuff.

Anyway, the skteches were pretty basic. I have on idea how I am going to make this work. Oh and as you can see, some of the later sketches are more oriented around the infographic or other design things..

Book Cover Final

Alrighty then. Here she is in all her glory and beauty.. and whatnot. There are still a few little things to tweak, but overall I found it pretty satisfactory. It was fun for the most part, though a few little annoying things cropped up as always. It looks better on here than printed.. so I will need to take a look at that. Otherwise there isn't much I'd need to change really. A few things here and there.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Might be a little gruesome, but that was the point. Woo!

Book Cover Print Out

Here is the next step, the last before the final. This time the spine and back cover are included. I basically went back and redid the whole thing, not using anything from the initial rough. This obviously took a lot longer but was really entertaining.

I still don't have a huge grasp on Photoshop, but I am getting there. It is still actually fun and keeps my attention. Plus, it's zombies. It HAS to be cool.

There are still a few minor changes to be made before the final product will be printed and turned in next week. But for the most part, the beast is finished.

Book Cover Rough

Here is a quick rough of the book cover, which I've thrown together. It is clear which sketch I went with, mainly because it was the most feasible without using outside influences. This made it easy to photograph and put together. There is only the cover and not the spine and back cover, but the front cover is clearly the most important, so I spent the most time there.

This project... is actually fun. I am not sure how to deal with these feelings.